Online Courses for Counseling for Free

Online courses for counseling for free are made for professional counselors and also aspiring ones. These used to be available only in special classes. But they can now be accessed online.

Types of Counseling

There are many types of counseling on the Internet. There is spiritual / religious counseling, grief counseling, anger management, life coaching and many others.

These Internet courses also explain the role of a psychiatrist, psychologist and social worker. There are also counselors for career, children, teenagers and school counselors. Separate sites are available for all of them.

Coursework Content

Web courses are often fully online or in hybrid format. With fully online courses, all the lessons are conducted over the computer. These courses may be self study or have an instructor. In hybrid classes, students will be required to do on-campus work. After finishing their online classes, they may be assigned to do some work in an authorized clinic so they can get some experience.

Information presented in these courses range from downloadable reading materials to videos. Their skills will be developed to treat and identify patients’ problems, be it grief, career, anger management and so on. Students are also taught how to use treatments in an ethical and knowledgeable way.

Degrees and Features

Those taking these classes can get doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s degrees. Some online classes are standalone, but there are also universities and colleges which offer online or long distance education programs. It should be noted that even online classes will require on-site work at some point. This is usually not featured in free courses however.

Difference between Free and Tuition Based Sites

Tuition based sites may earn credit and offer certifications or degrees. There may be free courses offering degrees, but only a few. Second, free courses mostly focus on giving advice. For example, marriage counseling sites give suggestions on how to develop their relationship. The same can be said for substance counselor courses and others. Tuition based sites will concentrate on other topics like working in a clinic.

Other Information

Some websites may require you to use specific types of software. These may be needed to listen or watch videos. They will also have discussion groups, forums and links to other resources.

Online courses for counseling for free will of course require a computer with Internet access. An email address is needed as well as speakers or headphones to listen to video lectures.