Online Courses for Credit Hours

These days, completing the required credit hours online for CPA, CPE, medical courses, teaching courses and even high school credits is no longer an uncommon occurrence.

With the proliferation of online schools and education websites that offer courses similar to those provided by brick and mortar schools, individuals from all over the world are given more opportunities to complete their education.

What Online Courses for Credit Hours are Available?

The answer here actually depends on where you will be needing your online courses for credit.

If it’s for Continuing Professional Education, you should check those that are applicable to your profession as courses that can be credited towards your CPE requirements differ from one field to the next.


For instance, if you’re looking to complete your required credit hours to keep your CPA license, online courses that you can consider are the following: Accounting and Auditing CPE Update, Preparing and Reporting Personal Financial Statements, Corporate Finance, and Ethics.

You should check with the online school the number of credit hours that each course covers so you will know how many more you need to fulfill in order to complete your CPE requirements.

Teacher Re-Certification and Graduate Credits

For educators who are up for license renewal or those who are completing their graduate courses, online teacher courses for credit hours include: Reading courses such as Intro to Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy Inclusion, Middle School Science like Teaching Middle School Life Science, and Electives like Differentiating Instruction to Accommodate Learning Styles.

Teaching Learning-Disabled Students, Guiding Kids on the Internet, Solving Classroom Discipline Problems and Teaching Autistic Children are likewise a few other courses that you may want to consider for your credit-hour requirements.

General Courses for Continuing Education Credits

There are other CE courses you can take for your required credit hours.

You should however, check first if these will be credited to your CE requirements especially if the courses are general – meaning they are not specifically related to your field; i.e. medical courses, teaching courses and such.

Other courses that you can consider are the following: writing courses, leadership courses and trainings as well as personality development.


When you check your online courses for credit hours, you will find that the course fees online do not differ all that much from those charged by brick and mortar schools.

Usually, tuition is indicated on a per-credit-hour basis so if you see a course that has an equivalent of three credit hours; multiply the per-credit-hour rate to three to get the course fee that you will have to pay.