Online Foreign Language Courses for College Credit

Online foreign language courses for college credit can be transferred to universities and colleges. For students, it is one of the biggest benefits to learning on the Internet.


In the past, students had to go to universities to earn a degree. Another alternative was using software. However, the Internet has become the primary option. These web sites offer different methods for teaching students. The most common setup will consist of lessons starting with the most basic terms and phrases.

Web lessons usually start with commonly used words. These are comprised of greetings, asking for directions, asking for help and other necessities. The succeeding lessons will be comprised of numbers, colors, family members, going to a restaurant, theater etc. Those learning a foreign language will also find that many of these sites use different methods when presenting lessons.

Course Contents and Features

Some websites focus on a single language while others let you choose from several. The initial lessons will display common expressions and their English translation. As the lessons progress, grammar, nouns and other aspects will be explained in detail. Dictionaries and other language tools will be included.

A growing number of websites use audio to help in the pronunciation. More advanced courses have videos and interactive lessons. Interactive challenges and quizzes help students when learning a new language. Group discussions and forums are also handy.

Free and Pay Sites

Many language courses are free, but those with credit usually charge a small fee. The free courses are more suited for those who just want to learn a new language and at their own time. If you compute the costs, the pay sites can be cheaper compared to buying the entire language software. Pay sites usually allow a free trial so you can tell if they are worth the price or not.

Other Information

Look for Internet courses that have a large database. Also look for those with extra features like dictionaries, language resources and those that explain the benefits of learning a foreign language.

It also helps if the program has tests. This is the best way to check if you are making progress. Of course the biggest advantage of Internet courses over software is they are updated regularly. Some websites also have contents uploaded by users.

Before taking online foreign language courses for college credit, check your university’s credit transferring utility. This will give you a chance to analyze them course by course.