Online Courses for Degrees

Earning a college degree outside of a university campus may seem like a far-fetched idea a decade or two ago but these days, earning your college diploma through online education is completely doable – and acceptable.

People who haven’t had the pleasure of enrolling in an online course may find themselves a bit dazed and confused as to how to go about finding courses, choosing the right ones, choosing online providers and scheduling classes so they won’t be overworked and over-stressed.

The way to go about this whole online course deal is to take it one step at a time.

Online Courses for Degrees

First of all, why do you want to take online courses? Do you wish to just take some of your campus courses online and still complete your degree on campus? Or do you wish to take all of your degree courses online and earn your diploma through internet learning?

These are important questions that you need to answer before you can even start looking for online courses for campus credit or online courses for degrees.

Now, for campus credit courses, you can always just ask your Admissions office about online courses that they might be offering or online schools that they are in partnerships with.

For online courses for degrees, you can first look at universities that are top-of-mind. You may have a few colleges or universities that you want to go to and these may actually have online educational sites where they offer undergraduate and graduate degrees to anyone from anywhere in the world.

University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota is one such university where students have the option to earn their degree at the university campus or through online education.

Online courses for degrees from the University of North Dakota are through their Online and Distance Education Department. The degrees courses cover Arts, Humanities and Languages; Business; Education; Engineering; and Math and Natural Sciences.

You can apply for a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or a Doctoral Degree at the online university.

Bachelor’s Degree programs include such fields of study as Communications, General Studies, Psychology, Social Science, and Engineering: Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering.

Master’s degrees include English Language Learner Education, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Counseling with a K-12 School Emphasis, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership and Elementary Education.

Finally, some of the Doctoral degrees that you can apply to online are Educational Leadership in Bismarck, Educational Leadership in Fargo, Teaching and Learning in Bismarck, and Nursing PhD Program.

UND Online and Distance Education gives you two options when it comes to scheduling your courses: self-paced, which means that you can sign-up for the courses whenever you want; and semester-based, which means you will be following the same semester schedule of the university’s campus courses.