Online Courses for Physical Therapy Degrees

Online courses for physical therapy degrees are every bit as detailed as their brick and mortar counterparts. Many are for continuing education while others are for those just about to take up the degree.

Coursework Overview

The topics center on the methods used for treating people with different kinds of problems with their physical bodies. The subjects deal with anatomy and physiology. The majority of physical therapy classes also take up human development and the latest therapy treatments.

In addition, students have to study geriatric and / or pediatric rehab, women’s health and diagnostics. The latter is related to screening. Here the student learns to determine when a patient must undergo further consultations or tests. They will also learn when to refer a client to another specialist if needed. Other major features of training are plan of care, prognosis, diagnosis, evaluation and many others.

The examination section is very extensive. Various measures and tests are range of motion, prosthetic requirements, supportive devices and neuromotor development and sensory integration. There are also topics about motor function, joint integrity and mobility, cranial and peripheral nerve integrity and several others.

Other Features in the Curriculum

Students pursuing this degree will find out how to record a patient’s medical history. Part of the course also involves system reviews. If you are going to take a Doctor of Physical Therapy, clinical internships are needed. This cannot be completed online; training will be conducted in a clinic determined by the university.

Other major subjects are on wellness, fitness and health promotion and prevention. The curriculum includes ethics studies and sensitivity to culture. Intervention subjects consist of electrotherapeutic modalities, integumentary repair and protection techniques.

Airway clearance and manual therapy techniques are also available. Also included are leisure integration, functional training in work, home management / self care and therapeutic exercise.

Other Information

Not all physiotherapy programs cover the following subjects. But many do include them as part of general course requirements. These are microbiology, psychiatry and psychology.

Continuing education is mandatory in most states. This is the only way therapists can be certain their knowledge is up to date. Innovations are constantly taking place. In many states, professionals are required to take specific number of courses to maintain their license.

Online courses for physical therapy degrees are not entirely on the web. Also keep the costs in mind. The tuition price in traditional schools ranges from $13,000 to $42,000.