Online Courses for Dietician in Australia

Online courses for dietician in Australia will develop a student’s skills so they can work as a professional dietician in the country. Degrees and courses can also train them to be a specialist. Although classes are online, students get practice placements in various settings.

Coursework Overview

Dietician programs include topics like community nutrition, clinical dietetic practice and professional practices. You will also find subjects such as food service management, principles of dietetics, research skills and population food and health issues.

You can specialize in sports nutrition and other aspects of the food industry. Additional topics consist of scientific statistics, statistics in health sciences, quality assurance and product development.

Additional Details

Aspiring dieticians will also study food technology, food microbiology and processing. There are also subjects about chemistry, human disease, metabolism and human molecular genetics. Other subjects that may be included in a class curriculum are physiological sciences, food & beverage biotechnology and techniques of biochemistry.

Format and Features

These programs are comprised of core subjects and electives. Courses can be online, in a classroom with an instructor or both. Practical clinical training is included. The duration varies; students are allowed to enroll as part time pupils. Many have flexible schedules, allowing you to study any time of the day.


Most online nutrition / diet programs in Australia have accreditation from the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). Other accreditation groups are the Australian Natural Therapists Association, Australian Traditional Medicine Society and Nutrition Society of Australia. Before you enroll, check which group the school is accredited with.


If the course is free, there are no requirements, not even registration. Formal training programs require a bachelor’s degree in nursing, allied health, biomedical science, exercise science, food science nutrition or other related courses. Other schools require applicants to have completed a year of studying physiology or biochemistry.

Job Outlook

Universities with dietician programs provide several job employment opportunities. Graduates can land a job in community nutrition, hospitals, clinics or be a policy developer.

You can also find work involved in health promotion, media, communications and marketing. You can be a PR for a nutrition / fitness company or food service organization. Graduates of these programs can also become a dietetic education and researcher.

Online courses for dietician in Australia are not just about food and nutrition. Your communication and research skills will also be developed. This is achieved by studying certain projects and electives.