Online Courses for Dietician

Online courses for dietician are often used by students from various levels. These programs are not just for casual students; some of these courses are designed for those who want to take up this career.


The most basic program offer certifications of completion for graduates. But for those who want to know more, there are undergraduate and graduate degree programs to choose from. You have the chance to become a registered dietitian (RD) or a registered dietetic technician (DTR).


The curricula depend entirely on what level you are studying. But even the most basic will include medical terminology and nutrition topics. Participants in these online courses will learn how to promote proper dietary habits. After the preliminary courses are complete, you will find out about a dietician’s work environment.

The different dietary habits in public, private and medical settings are compared. Students get to compare the diets in hospitals, schools, businesses, nursing homes, restaurants, homes and other places. The bulk of the subjects are about nutrition and food. But their training concentrates on scientific subjects too. They are usually comprised of biochemistry, behavioral sciences, anatomy and physiology.

Degrees and Certificates

Students who finish a DTR program will earn an associate’s degree. Once you have an RD designation, it means that the student has a graduate or undergraduate degree. In certificate programs, you will study food service orientation, medical terminology and nutrition assessment. Associate’s degree programs focus on wellness, nutrition, food safety foundations and health care.

At the bachelor’s degree level, subjects include nutrient metabolism, nutrition therapy, complementary and alternative medicine. This course takes four years to finish.

If you are interested in a master’s degree program, more subjects will be included. You will do a lot of research on culture and food, the nutrition life cycle and create a thesis. Due to the nature of the work, some classes have to be studied offline or in a live site.

Other Information

Certificate programs are very popular. But there are master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees too. Methods used for teaching vary. But a large number are now utilizing e-mail, live chat sessions and video conferencing.

Legitimate programs have accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE). Accredited sites make it easier to prepare for this career.

With so many options, online courses for dietician have become the primary means of learning for many people. The quality of education they provide is the same as in a traditional school. What’s more, they are usually cheaper.