Online Courses for Drivers Ed

Online courses for drivers ed are now becoming more commonplace. It is true that there are still traditional driving tests available. But the Internet is now providing other means of learning how to drive.


These websites makes it easier for people to take the lessons without leaving their home. Before you do this, make sure to check the state requirements for getting a driver’s license. While many sites offer certifications when you graduate, some states may not recognize them. Check the rules first so you don’t encounter problems.


Internet websites have several features which make driving easier to learn. They are particularly suited for teenagers who are used to working with computers. Those with knowledge about computers will have an easier time with these courses. Various elements are included in these programs.

Many of the high quality sites also offer step by step guides for meeting the state requirements for drivers. This is an important feature which you should check out. Note that some of these programs will require special software. Some websites also have support for parents in case it is their children who are enrolled in the program.

Due to competition, features on these sites are always changing and being improved. Many of them offer customer service and support 24 hours a day. They also have plenty of practice test resources which you can avail of. Probably the best feature of these sites is you can move at your own pace.

There is no need to hurry. The course will take 15 hours or more, depending on the features. Along with driving lessons, these features also place emphasis on driving safety tips.


It varies depending on the site. Some may cost several hundred dollars, while others for less than fifty bucks. You should have a look at the different sites so you can get an idea of what to expect. The more features they have, the more they are likely to cost.

Other Information

Many of these sites offer insurance discounts when you finish the course. Not all of them do however. Again you need to make sure that they meet the demands of state rules. Rules in other countries may differ as well.

While online courses for drivers ed are very detailed, their real goal is to help you get ready for actual driving. That is why you have to check out this component of the Internet program as well.