Online Courses for Early Childhood Education

Being a teacher in Early Childhood Education requires not just having the right information about the basics of early Math or Reading and Writing.

More than this, it requires the right skills to properly handle toddlers and young kids up to five years of age – or kids below eight years old in some countries.

This job requires a certain set of skills that not all teachers have; among these are the skill to understand the individual minds of these young learners, the skill to create a positive impact on the young learners’ lives, and the right skills to develop lessons or activities that will keep these young minds engaged, entertained, focused and interested.

Now you see that an Early Childhood Education teacher has got her hands full all the time.

Online Courses for Early Childhood Education

Now, you may have been wanting to take your specialization in Early Childhood Education but time and responsibilities piled on top of the other make it impossible for you to attend to this pressing desire.

This may have been impossible decades ago but these days, there is such a thing as online courses and these cover the same courses as you would see being offered by university and college campuses.

Online courses for Early Childhood Education will finally make your dream come into fruition as you can take the courses that you need in order to get your certificate in this area of specialization while also doing the hundreds of other things that need your attention.

How Do I Know the Courses are Legit?

Before you enroll in any online course, you should do a thorough background check of the online school and if possible, take your online courses from a reputable university that started as a campus-based school and then just added an online extension of their courses.

Park University, whose flagship campus is in Missouri, has an online extension school that offers online courses for Early Childhood Education.

The university’s online School for Education offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, with a specialization on Early Childhood Education.

The focus of the courses is on two areas: Early Childhood Education Teaching Young Children, Birth to Five Years Old; and Early Childhood Education and Leadership.

Under these focus areas are various courses: Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood, Early Childhood Program Management, Social and Emotional Learning in Early Childhood and Issue for Exceptional Children.

Other courses offered help you understand the principles that lie behind Early Childhood Education as well as issues that affect this specific stage in a child’s life.

Among these are: Early Childhood Principles, Child Growth and Development for ECE and Elementary Teachers, Education of Exceptional Children, Family Involvement in ECE, and Social and Emotional Learning in Early Childhood.

Online ECE courses from Park University require students to do field work. Check with the Admissions Office regarding this detail if you wish to know where you can do your field work or internship.