Online Courses for Engineering Degree

Online courses for engineering degree are available for anyone who wants to work in this field. There are many schools that offer several engineering fields. The degree you choose will determine what the coursework will be like.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with engineering programs and their curriculum depends on the field. The following are some of the more popular disciplines.

Coursework on Civil and Environmental Engineering

Subjects include higher physics, computing for engineers, engineering design and innovation. You also have to study engineering mechanics for civil engineers, fundamentals of geology, mineral resources and surveying & GIS, materials and chemistry. You can also take up mechanics of solids, principles of water engineering and materials & structures. Soil mechanics, environmental sustainability and transport are also taught.

Computer Engineering

The topics consist of software engineering workshops, software construction, research project, readings in computer science and engineering. There are also topics about advanced computer networks, e-enterprise project, database systems, web applications engineering and advanced operating systems.

A student must also learn about principles of programming, data structures & algorithms, microprocessors & interfacing, microprocessors & interfacing and game design workshop. You will also study advanced verification, software project management and human computer interaction.

Petroleum Engineering

Topics include design & Innovation, petroleum geology fundamentals, materials & chemistry. There are also subjects focusing on psychology, design for manufacture, land studies and higher chemistry and petroleum economics. Other topics are about enhanced oil & gas recovery, natural gas and marketing fundamentals.

Engineering Branches

The courses mentioned are specific to those fields. There are other degrees to choose from. Among them are electrical and mechanical engineering. Interdisciplinary and specialized fields are also on the web. These include industrial engineering, biological engineering, nuclear engineering and mechatronics. Energy engineering, molecular engineering and structural engineering are also taught in many online classes.

Other Information

Engineering universities have graduate and undergraduate programs. Many of the top colleges prefer students to submit their applications online. The requirements vary depending on the school. Admission processes vary. Some of these classes are quite strict. You may be required to write essays, be interviewed and do other tests. Prerequisite courses will be required. Discussion forums are available in most of these sites.

Online courses for engineering degree are increasing in number. The ones featured here are just some of what you will find in universities. If you want to study in another field, you have to look at the course description.