Online Courses for Excel

Online courses for Excel have become the primary means by which people learn the program. If you find the features of the software perplexing, you can use these Internet courses to improve your skills.


Many of these web based courses are free. Some sites rely on user submitted content, people who have been using the application for a long time. There are also websites with original content produced by experts on the program.

Course Contents

These sites vary in style and content. Some are designed for newcomers to Excel, while others are for power users. A few may focus on specific features, like Excel macros.

Others provide instructions for the different features of the application. Whether you are trying to learn how to use Excel’s tables, graphing tools or other add-ons, these courses can help.

Most of these websites have a section devoted to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is a tool that allows you to use the spreadsheet in different and complex ways. Other lessons focus on cell formatting and editing. Some tutorials center on the creation of columns and rows.

Different Versions

There are many versions of the program. You can only use courses that are designed for the version you are using. There is no guarantee that a guide for Excel 2007 will work for Excel 2003. Usually new programs still have the features of the older one. But the way the feature is used may no longer be the same.

Additional Features

These sites are set up in different ways. But most of them will take you through the actions that you want to do. If you want to sort a list or make a chart, look for it on the course. These lessons can also be arranged in a specific manner (from the basic to the more advanced functions). Some of these courses offer certifications for those who graduated.

Other Information

Some of the most common features which are covered are calculating values and formulas. Other courses include new ways of putting data in the cells. Other features which are explained in online resources are AutoSum, Insert Function, AutoFill and AutoComplete.

Online courses for Excel also use videos to explain Excel functions. They usually have links to forums where you can ask questions about the program. It is also a good place to post questions if you have problems using the software.