Online Courses for Facilities Management

Online courses for facilities management teach students the various tasks required in this kind of a job. The following are some of the subjects tackled in these sites.

Coursework Overview

The subjects include planning, development and managing buildings, the surrounding grounds and environment. Core courses include human resource management, real estate and architectural studies. Students must also assess architectural topics, technology and finance.

Facilities planning and project management are also included in the coursework. Some of these programs may have a discussion about state occupational safety rules. Related federal laws are also covered. There are subjects that concentrate on streamlining operating expenses.

Core courses include administering commercial and residential properties. Aspiring professionals learn how to make, maintain and operate these properties. Courses also detail management of government buildings, schools and medical institutions. Aspiring managers are also going to explore subjects such as communication skills, written skills and other related subjects.

You will also discover ways to manage conflict. They will be trained on how to be an effective negotiate. Studying subjects such as operating facilities, corporate social responsibility and goals are also covered. Additional subjects include producing green programs environmental economic feasibility analysis.

Additional Features

Participants can take up a Master of Science in Facility Management on the web. You can also get a certificate in green energy management or facility management. Introductory courses explain theoretical concepts. Students also have to go over facility applications and management. Additional topics that will be studied are physical structure repairs and maintenance and construction of various structures.


You need to have a high speed Internet connection. This is necessary for streaming video, videoconferencing and chatting. If the class offers or requires you to print materials, an inkjet or laser printer is required. This is necessary to create diagrams, blueprints, contracts, photos and charts.

Other Information

As the information above shows, a facilities manager will focus on facilities productivity, security and ensuring safety. Most of these sites offer undergraduate degrees in management. But there are also post-graduate management and certification classes online. The curriculum includes subjects on negotiation techniques and vendor relations, operational organization and leadership.

You will also study techniques to handle contractors and best manage them. Courses will also cover subjects such as reducing costs, assuring personnel quality of life and boosting productivity. Improving efficiency is a subject bundled in these programs.

Online courses for facilities management are steadily growing in number. Just make sure that the site has the proper accreditation.