Online Courses for Finance Degree

Online courses for finance degree are available from a number of universities. These programs are offered in business study programs.

Courses and Subjects

The focal point will be personal or corporate financing. Students learn how to conduct accounting, retirement planning and budgeting. Financial management schools also teach students how to use credit properly.

There are also comprehensive lessons on preparing taxes. Management of assets and equities are also covered. Other areas of study are managing business finances, monitoring investments and calculating debts, interest, payments, receivables and other related topics.

In some courses you will study wealth preservation and growth. Areas you can invest in such as bonds, stocks and mutual funds are covered in depth. You will also find out how to use personal finance software. You must have the software they are using on your system.

Aspiring finance managers will also learn about futures, commodities and options. Training will also include studies in economics and real estate investing.

The length of these programs varies; accelerated courses take only a few months. Full length programs will take years to complete. Graduates will earn a degree, diploma or certification.

Additional Details

Business schools may cover other topics such as marketing, human resources and finance / business strategic planning. Basic knowledge of mathematics is required. Math courses are available in several websites for free. You will also find topics on brokering, managerial accounting and related subjects.


Most of these programs make use of video lectures. They are used to supplement the reading materials. In some cases you will also find subjects for preparing business plans and grant proposals creation. Others may use forums, supplementary books and CDs.

Other Information

These online classes usually include topics on how to save money, avoid debts and applied statistics. There are also subjects on bookkeeping and business ethics. More extensive courses are going to focus on business analysis.

More advanced subjects center on sales management, manufacturing and how to manage inventories. You won’t have to study all of these subjects. Most classes will center on just a few core subjects. You should look at the course syllabus first. Topics such as legal terminology, processing of loans and rental property management are part of some study programs.

Many online courses for finance degree can be completed without having to attend a traditional class. Before you enroll, be certain the school has the courses you want available on the Internet.