Online Courses for Forensic Psychology

Online courses for forensic psychology are not as popular as nursing or computer science. But for those who are interested, the degree is now being offered by several universities and colleges.


Online programs explain to students how the subject is applied to behavioral theory. This is in relation to criminal justice, which is also studied in these programs. Courses train students how this practice is used in law enforcement and legal proceedings.


Subjects offered in these sites differ. But most of them are very flexible when it comes to scheduling. That remains one of the major reasons why web classes are popular with many students. Numerous degrees and certificates can be pursued. Among them are Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science degree and certifications of completion. These programs will take two years to complete if studied full time.

The course will take longer among part time students. A bachelor’s degree will take 3 to 5 years to finish. But basic courses will take only a few months to finish. Again, it all depends on the number of hours a student sets in it.

Video lectures are often used for presentation. The majority of the courses focus on cognitive psychology, how to profile criminals, behavioral pathology and social psychology. Relevant statistics must also be taken up. Participants are trained in dealing with the different issues involving psychology. An independent capstone project may also be included.

Other Subjects

Students will also be required to study personality assessment, ethics and numerous research methods. The majority of these programs have a focus on criminal justice. There are courses which fuse foundational psychology and general education. This is mixed in with subjects about victimology, restorative justice and psychological disorders.

Profiling of murderers and criminology are almost always included. Some study programs also offer several topics including legal systems, psychology, program planning and assessment. There are also subjects on mental health counseling. Some classes offer other specializations too.

Requirements and Other Information

Usually, applicants must have bachelor’s degree in behavioral or social science. GPAs have to be 2.5 at least in most study programs. Some of these programs are for psychologists who are working.

Job Prospects

Graduates can work in law enforcement agencies. They can be called upon as experts in legal cases or during criminal investigations. These psychologists are often used for profiling criminals.

Online courses for forensic psychology require accreditation. Before registering, students should check the site’s background. This is to ensure the site is legitimate.