Online Courses for Psychology Degree

Online courses for psychology degree are usually done at a university or a college. Today, nearly 50% of all 2 and 4 year educational institutions in the US offer online or distance learning.

Available Degrees

Psychoanalysis is one of the major subjects that is covered in the curricula. However, psychology has other degrees, including Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), Master of Science (MS), Master of Arts (MA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA). All the degrees can be learned online.

The BA degree requires several courses aside from psychology. Among them are English, science, math and humanities. If you are going to take up a master’s degree, there will be a theoretical foundation in psychology subject. This can be used in business training, life coaching or pastoral counseling. To work professionally, students have to take up Psy.D.

Other Options

These programs require a specific number of general education credits. This is apart from the psychology coursework credits required. Once you attain the required number of credits, you can graduate.

The Master of Arts degree gives you several options. These include industry psychology, organizational psychology, health psychology, general psychology or general diversity. The Psy. D programs are specifically geared towards marriage and family counseling.

Those who take up a Master of Science degree assist students in getting an advanced psychology degree for different fields. This course includes details on how to conduct research. The aim is to put this knowledge to use in familial and professional situations.

The same course can be used by students to ready themselves for a doctorate. Some of the topics which will be covered here are coaching, politics, culture, terrorism and security and health. The psychology of media is also covered in these studies.

Other Information

It should be noted that few online schools have psychoanalysis as a main subject alone. However, it is included in some form in almost all psychology courses on the Internet. Some of these courses will feature the works of Carl Jung, Freud and other psychoanalysts. These courses will cover the various theories that have emerged from their works. Both classic and contemporary theories are discussed in these sites.

You have to make sure that the features / subjects you are looking for are there. In terms of price, it will vary from site to site.

Online courses for psychology degree are becoming more popular, which is why more Internet sites are offering them. You should research each site before enrolling there however.