Online Courses for French for Kids

Online French courses for kids are designed to give young people the opportunity to learn the language. They work just like those for adults, the difference being the interface is designed to attract kids.

Internet Language Classes Overview

There are several of these online. Some are available for credit, with some offering certificates of completion. A lot of the web classes for children are free. Most of them teach basic French. Topics usually covered are greetings, common phrases and “survival terms”. These include asking for help, directions and so on.

How Web Courses Work

If the course is free, all the kid has to do is read the lessons. Some of these courses have audio. They are usually marked with the play / arrow icon. Click on it to hear the word being pronounced. This is a good way to learn the language.

The child can press the button repeatedly until they learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Some of the more advanced classes use video to broadcast their lessons.

If it is a pay site, read the information before registering an account. Register the account; do not let your child enter the details unless they know exactly what it is about. After registering and paying, the child can proceed with the lessons.

Learning Methods

This will vary depending on the website. Some are structured like a typical class. These may include lectures delivered by a teacher. You can download videos. Some website videos don’t require download; they can be played online. Some advanced language courses offer live chat, but that is usually for adult classes.


Your child should start with the basics so they don’t get frustrated. Your child will also benefit from using a French dictionary. Children should focus on learning basic terms and phrases before trying to improve their French grammar.

Other Information

Aside from language websites, there are other resources that can be used. There are interactive games which teach kids how to use the language. Encourage them to read French articles, online newspapers and go to online forums. There are special discussion forums for those learning the language. You should also encourage them to read as many different French websites as possible to develop their vocabulary.

Taking online French courses for kids is one of the best ways to expose them to another culture. After the child learns the basics, study the language too. Then use it during your conversations so you both become adept at it.