Online Courses for Human Resources Certificate

Online courses for human resources certificate can be earned in colleges and universities. You can even get certified from various independent organizations.

Coursework Overview

Training and hiring skills are the core subjects covered in these HR certification classes. Courses will also focus on the employee database management, interviewing techniques and ethical issues.

Business managers (or those aspiring to) get trained in the subjects mentioned and more. Other topics concern risk management, employee and labor relations and total rewards. Students get trained on workforce planning and enforcement. An integral part of these programs is strategic management study.

Those interested in HR courses have to get trained in employee negotiation skills, hiring and communicating with people. Students also get training in performance evaluation compensation and benefits. Employment law study is conducted in most of these sites.

These courses in these programs are updated. You will find that industry current techniques and concepts are covered in these Internet classes. Some of these courses are for beginners, while others are for advanced students. Aside from the core subjects, the course may include business classes, general liberal arts and news related in the industry.

Additional Details

Most of these human resources certification classes are affiliated with HR programs in their state. Comprehensive studies are over thirty hours long. The programs are for professionals who want to advance in their career.

The subjects will depend on the program being taken. Basic courses are offered along with certification designations. In many web classes, you have to pursue employee services, performance management, managing organizational change and training and development.


Online classes are divided into modules. Videos, text and images are used in many sites. Real-life scenarios and situations are explored. Discussion forums are mainstays in many sites.

Certification programs are offered in university departments. They are usually located in college of arts & sciences, but it may be found in other departments. Online classes have tutors. Some classes are conducted in real time, while other study materials are recorded. The latter allow students to take these courses anytime.

Other Information

There are courses on performance evaluation and compensation. Master’s degree programs are available in many universities. Master’s degree programs take longer to complete than certifications. But many of these courses can be studied on the web.

Online courses for human resources certificate are meant for professionals who want to continue their education. Even seasoned HR personnel will benefit from these programs.