Online Courses for Insurance Sales

Online courses for insurance sales are becoming trendy due to the convenience they provide. The biggest attraction of studying on the Internet is you can move at a pace you like. These websites also have a lot of materials to prepare them for examinations specific to the state.


These web learning schools provide students with the opportunity to learn all the important aspects related to insurance. These courses also offer agents an opportunity to further their education. These courses have different requirements, depending on the state. It should be noted that all states will demand a license.

But you don’t necessarily need to have a bachelor’s degree. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old. These Internet schools also have different policies regarding past criminal records. If necessary, go to the website and ask about their other regulations.

Content of Internet Courses

The features of these sites vary. But they will expound on basic insurance principles and concepts. Some of the topics which are explained are coping with adjusting losses and using different kinds of sales presentation methods.

These techniques are studied extensively and various aspects are covered. Subjects like life insurance and insurance regulations are explored in depth.

These courses may focus on a specific type of insurance, but more often they concentrate on various types. Different combinations are provided. There are two reasons for this. One is it gives students a chance to explore each subject in depth. Second it provides them the opportunity to study and get the certificate in their chosen field.

Websites that offer continuing education are more focused on improving their sales techniques. Different sales methods are used by schools. There are several online training sites which offer webinars.

There are hybrid courses which have seminars along with their online programs. Some of the subjects that are covered here are health insurance, casualty insurance and the laws that govern them.

Other Information

Check your state insurance laws before proceeding as they vary. However, all states will require an agent to have a license before making a sale. The training hours vary, but they are rarely less than 40 hours. You can only take the licensing exam after you have obtained the required training hours. Some jobs do not require college education.

Online courses for insurance sales are always evolving. Policies change and different types of sales methods are being developed. That is why it is important even for professionals to continue their education.