Online Courses for Interior Design

Online courses for interior design cover a wide array of subjects. The emphases in these programs are interior decorating principles, building codes and space design. But other areas are studied too.

Coursework Overview

Aside from the subjects above, students will be taught how to think creatively and translate these into actual designs. Your education will include lighting, textiles, general planning and computerized spacing design. Traditional designing is also taught in these programs.

Aside from this, you will also find out how to manage fabric, texture and color. Their relationship with lighting is explained. At the more advanced levels you understand function, form and space combined.

Other courses that may be required are sculpting, photography and painting. These subjects may or may not be required, depending on what you are taking up. Additional areas of study focus on computer-aided-design (CAD), hospitality design, residential design and light.

There are also subjects on drawing, furniture and architecture. Web classes also teach them how to be a responsible interior designer. The emphasis is on being creative. You will also review famous historic interiors in the US and other countries around the world.

Additional Details for Students

Aside from these courses you will learn what job opportunities are available. Apart from being an interior designer, graduates can work as a draftsperson or space planner. You can also work in project management, set or residential design.

Major online classes give students several types of working experiences. They learn how to develop distinct views and tastes. This helps train their critical eye for quality designs. Aspiring designers get trained on cultural, social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

Comprehensive programs include classes on historic preservation, interior building systems and environmental theory. Virtual studio classes develop your ability to think like a designer. These courses require you to learn the latest technologies used in interior decorating and designing.

Other Information

Other areas of study may be required. Among these topics are digital design visualization, interior detailing, interior lighting and commercial design. Students will be allowed to put together their portfolio. The information here can be used when applying for work. To graduate, you must complete the degree and the credits required.

Online courses for interior design are not wholly online. No matter what class you are enrolled in, there are certain aspects that can only be completed by studying in campus or internship. This includes going on field trips, lectures and tours.