Online Courses for Korean Language

The growing number of online courses for Korean language is testament to the number of people speaking it. Although the language seems difficult, there are several resources on the Internet that can help.

Course Contents and Features

The Korean consonants

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These Internet language courses are similar to those of other sites that teach French, Spanish etc. There will be a list or table of contents or links to the different areas around the site. Among the items you may see on the list are the Korean alphabet, numbers, common words and phrases.

There are also going to be links to pronouncing the words properly and Korean survival terms. These sites will cover Korean grammar, adjectives and translation guides. Many of these sites will also have dictionaries and English-Korean guides.

Reading materials make up the majority of the study materials. But there are also many which now use video. Online universities offer interactive lessons to help improve students’ comprehension of the language. The level of information on these sites differs. Some cover only the basics, but others go up to the advanced levels.

There are even websites which cover the Korean writing system. There are also sites which use animated dialogues to enhance the lessons. Not all sites use video though, and some just rely on audio to help with the pronunciation. Exercises, quizzes and articles in Koreans are also available on these websites.

Free and Tuition Based Sites

If you just want to learn the language, there are enough free resources on the web to get you started. Most of them cover the language in-depth. Aside from providing examples of Korean expressions, there is in depth information about the language.

The difference with tuition based sites is they may offer more videos and original teaching methods. These sites may also have completion certificates.

Other Resources

Some of these sites may require you to install software to read or listen to some files. Most of the time these are free to download. There are also websites that offer CDs, DVDs and booklets to enhance your online studies.

You can study by yourself in these sites. But some courses have instructors so there is someone to guide you. Rarely will you find a course that requires on-campus work. Almost all of them can be finished online.

Online courses for Korean language sometimes use discussion forums. They can be a fun and interactive way to learn the language.