Online Courses for Legal Secretary

Online courses for legal secretary provide students information on what their roles are going to be. These Internet classes can teach you the skills needed to embark on this career.


The objective of these sites is to train students how to give administrative support to lawyers and other people in the law profession. Few programs offer a direct route to become a legal secretary. But online classes now offer certificates indicating your skills. Apart from basic training, websites also offer career networking support for students and graduates.


Basic courses are designed for those with little to no knowledge of law. Preliminary subjects tackle basic facts about legal procedures and affairs. Most of these courses provide preparatory training for students to get certifications. Advanced subjects are designed for students with some knowledge of law. These programs are also available for professional secretaries who want to increase their knowledge.

Preparing legal reports is one of the most basic duties of a legal secretary. Online students will learn how to prepare various documents indicating what action their law firm will take. They will be trained in preparing reports in both civil and criminal matters.

Aspiring secretaries must also be skilled on how to assess lawyer’s notes and notations and court records. Another area of study is court documentation. A legal secretary must know how to research records pertinent to a case.

An integral part of their lesson is complying with civil and criminal procedures. They will also learn how to give case management assistance. Their job is to make sure a firm’s legal cases (current and those just coming in) are managed by the proper personnel.

Requirements for Students

Applicants must have knowledge of word processing. Fast and accurate typing skills are pluses. You will be required to do research on the web. Some online classes teach you how to use databases. But it helps to know how to make, use and access them. This will cut down on your lessons and study time.

Other Information

Lengths of training programs will vary. However, a 20 week class should be enough to cover most of the legal aspects. By the time students graduate, they will understand how to prepare and work with legal records.

Online courses for legal secretary are still somewhat new. Many people still opt to study in traditional universities. But if you are looking for an alternate nontraditional study program, these web classes will do.