Online Courses for Library Science

Online courses for library science have evolved as the way information is stored has changed. The subject has become more complicated, but the Internet has resources available for the student.


The course deals mainly with information service and storage management. This used to apply to traditional libraries. But they are now being used for information in the digital age.

Courses on the Internet

Online programs are now focused on technology and multiple disciplines. Many programs provide continuing education for those with masters degrees in the course. Others focus on helping students achieve a degree.

Several Internet classes offer degrees on information service. Apart from basic courses, web courses also serve up certificates for advanced courses related to the field. These are for individuals employed at public school systems.

Overview of Features

A variety of topics are covered in these programs. Among them are ethics in cyberspace, cognitive psychology of information systems and computing in the humanities. Information technology and the ways information is stored are also covered on these Internet courses. A lot of these programs teach basic and advanced information science as well.

The majority of these programs can be completed online. But some classes require attending a few sessions on campus. This is usually done once each semester. Check the website for more information.

Internet courses also teach many kinds of research methods, studying information in social context and services and collections. There are also web programs that focus on training strategies.


The time required to finish each degree varies. Some require 40 credit hours, while others are a bit longer. The credit hours are divided into various courses. Some sites offer courses in 15 or 16 week tracks. But a few others offer them 10 weeks.

Some of the more advanced courses will require more than 60 credits. Apart from the basic courses, some offer elective courses, research projects and making a thesis. The costs of these services vary. It depends on their features, so you should investigate each one.

Other Information

Several online programs give students the chance to specialize in specific areas like life cycle of information, youth services, intelligence and knowledge management and digital libraries. There are other programs that offer archival studies and various types of media.

Online courses for library science are constantly being updated. New ways of organizing information are always being introduced which is why students have to be updated.