Online Courses for Library Staff

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Online courses for library staff can provide budding librarians with the information necessary for working in the field. The fact that these courses are now available online makes studying easier.


These courses usually begin with a definition of the word “library”. In many people’s eyes, it is a place where reference books can be used for research. Today the term has expanded in meaning. It now includes community outreach services, job search assistance, and computer and Internet access. Aspiring staff members get trained to offer assistance in these aspects.


Participants will be trained to do a number of tasks. Study programs may be strictly online or have a live class component. Would-be librarians learn the basics of organization and sorting data. They are also taught how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office programs. These are now used in modern libraries and a must-learn. Students will also be taught how to search on the Internet and email.

Other topics of discussion are content management, cataloging, customization and data backup and recovery. Students will be trained in data migration, web server configuration and multimedia retrieval. Indexing, user interface and visualization and query options are part of most courses.

Data mining and modeling are also components of the training. Retrieval evaluation, storage devices and legal research are bundled in the lessons. Aspiring librarians can also be trained in Information design principles and practices. Information management is practically mandatory.

Main Course Features

Contemporary librarian studies typically divide coursework into several subjects. These include teaching how to use computers, capacity building, library automation and use of open-source. Students will be trained in capacity building in the digital age and how to retrieve information.

Students will also learn about information risk management and different ways to catalogue. Additional topics include making information search easier and using technology for information gathering.

Would-be librarians become skilled at developing digital projects and fixing computer problems. An important part of the training is keeping updated on the latest searching techniques. Special training is given for dealing with difficult customers.

Other Information

Many courses offer training good enough to get into an entry level position. There are also programs for those who want to get to a higher level. Video and audio is now used in a lot of these classes.

Online courses for library staff ensure librarians are kept updated on all the facts. Just as the term library has changed, so too have the classes. These study programs keep librarians’ knowledge up to date.