Online Courses for Medical Terminology in Canada

Online courses for medical terminology in Canada will provide a solid background for those interested in medicine. Many of these online programs will also give you a certificate of completion.


These programs don’t just list words and phrases used by medical professionals. You will also learn about medical language suffixes, prefixes and word roots. Besides medical basics, these programs explain how to join words together to produce coherent terms. There will also be emphasis on spelling and pronouncing words correctly.

Course Contents

Aside from words, you will also learn about disease terms, wellness and health. There will also be topics on body orientation, basic medical language and body system dynamics. Participants will also discover the parts of medical terminology and how they relate to body components.

In addition, the instruments used for evaluating body parts are also assessed. Usually there are sections for specific body systems like the cardiovascular system.

Requirements and Benefits

All you need is a computer with Internet access. These programs are usually taken by med students who need a refresher course. They are also ideal for new med students. In fact anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge about medicine may take them.

Those who want to pursue medical coding, medical billing or be part of a medical support staff will also benefit. These courses will also be useful for people who are taking up physiology or anatomy classes. The same programs can be used if you want to get a head start in your college medical studies.

Some Considerations

The course should be up to date. They must cover the terminology and language used by health care and medicinal professionals today. If the course is of high quality, you will be able to learn the terms used by doctors, dentists and physicians. Most of these programs have previews. Use it to judge the interface.

Other Information

The cost is around $75 more or less. Some programs will be cheaper but they won’t have a course certification included. While some courses are aimed specifically at Canada, others are fully based on the Internet.

You can take the course regardless of where you are. Some of these courses have related subjects like medical transcription and medical codes included.

Online courses for medical terminology in Canada also have other tools you can use. Some of them for instance, have web based portfolio services to take care of your CEUs.