Online Courses for Microsoft Office 2007

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Online courses for Microsoft Office 2007 help users get the most out of this suite. Often, people only use a few features of each application, unaware of its full capability. These training classes make sure that they are going to make full use of each program.


Most of these online classes focus on the major applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. More detailed classes include tutorials on SharePoint Designer, Publisher, InfoPath, OneNote, Office Communicator and Groove. Classes for beginners start with an overview of the suite. These lessons will teach users how to navigate the interface, which has been overhauled from previous versions.

These lessons proceed to explain how to use the tools found in each program. For example, Word tutorials show how to apply formatting, add clipart, print, use templates and so on. Excel guides explain how to create charts and navigate worksheets.

More advanced topics include creating formulas and using functions. PowerPoint tutorials explain how to use slides, add effects and how to combine them. There are also topics on how to use templates. Office training courses explain how to use these applications together.

Aside from basic functions, users get trained on imprinting / exporting files, useful when working with other applications.


These programs can increase a user’s productivity in the workplace. Learning how to combine these applications make tasks easier to do. Accredited training courses can be used to enhance a user’s credibility. Today many companies require their applicants to have knowledge of Microsoft Office. Knowledge of these applications increases the chances of being hired.


These classes use lectures, videos, sample files and other study materials to help users. Many of these sites use discussion boards, email, and chat rooms to provide interaction between users and instructors.

Graphics and screenshots are used extensively as well. At the highest level, training programs offer certifications declaring your proficiency. Through online training, users gain the ability to integrate these programs.

Other Information

There are different skill levels offered in these classes. The user should decide what parts of the suite they want to learn. A full featured class is necessary if they have to learn all the programs. People can also get trained for specific apps like Word or Excel only. This is the cheaper alternative and makes more sense.

Online courses for Microsoft Office 2007 cannot be applied to other versions of the suite. Although some features will still be there, the interface is different in older versions.