Free Online Courses for Excel 2007

With free online courses for Excel 2007, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of this program. You may be using just a fraction of the program’s capabilities, not knowing that there are other more efficient ways to do things.

Courses and Tutorials

These free online resources can also be called tutorials. Unlike formal programs, there are no instructors. You have to go through the lessons alone. You can skip lessons and study the portion you need though. They are all self paced; you control the schedule.

Coursework Contents

The most basic tutorial will cover only specific features. For example, a simple course will teach you how to create a chart, enter data and perform simple calculations. Tutorials for beginners will first get you familiar with the interface. This means learning how to use the Office Button, Excel window and Quick Access Toolbar. Beginners will also learn how to use worksheets, the formula bar and getting around a worksheet.

Contents of Basic Courses

These will focus on selecting and editing cells. Other topics that will be covered are wrapping text in a cell and deleting entries. These free tutorials also offer explanations for automatic calculations, autosum and performing various math calculations in Excel.

Other Excel functions that are covered are copy, cut, paste, cell addressing and how to insert and delete rows and columns. Other subjects that can be learned are merging and centering and adding a background.

More Advanced Topics and Features

If you are familiar with the basic features of Excel, you can focus on more advanced techniques. These include creating charts, using the IF statement and the Sumif function. There are also tutorials that explain how to use pivot tables, making drop down lists and apply different filters. The Internet is also full of ready made formulas you can apply in Excel.

If you find yourself doing tasks repeatedly, you may want to study Excel VBA tutorials. By learning a bit of Visual Basic programming, you’ll be able to automate a lot of tasks. There are also tutorials that focus on Office integration. This is worth studying if you use Excel along with Word or the other Office applications frequently.

Make sure you are using free online courses for Excel 2007. Some tutorials are for older versions of the program. You‘ll have a hard time trying out the examples if the guide is for a previous version of the application.