Online Courses for Nursing Informatics

Online courses for nursing informatics are also known as health informatics. These have long been fixtures in university programs. But several courses can now be studied on the web.

Coursework Overview

This discipline covers computer science, information science and health care. Nursing informatics schools cover the use of communication systems in the industry. There is also an extensive study of medical jargon. Students will also learn the appropriate clinical and medical guidelines.

The emphasis is on the use and development of retrieval devices and storage systems. Other core subjects are about health medical information and how they can be retrieved and recorded. The information learned here can also be used in occupational therapy and other fields of medicine.

Nursing students also have to study computer technologies, data analysis, consumer informatics nursing information practicum and clinical information systems. The purpose of these programs is to combine new technologies and health information. Apart from the core courses, you must also learn about healthcare knowledge management.

Additional Details

Along with the subjects mentioned, students have to learn how to keep patient records private and data secure. Many nursing informatics colleges have an online informatics program. Graduate certificates and Master of Science for nurses are available for students with healthcare knowledge.


Courses combine online and on-campus instruction. The curriculum will be comprised of applied statistics, research methods and health information systems. There are also topics about health information exchange standards. Advanced nurses can choose from a variety of options.

Aside from informatics, they can take up a nursing doctoral, doctorate of nursing practice program or post-master’s certificate. A Master of Science degree is available from several universities. Online classes use different formats and platforms. But they all use the latest in technology to make learning easier.

For instance, many sites are now using online conferencing. This provides a practical way to hear lectures. The Internet also makes it easy to engage other students via forums. However, you do need to have a fast Internet connection.

Other Information

Nurses can add informatics to the degree they are studying. Some students who take nursing science graduate degrees take informatics. It can also be paired with a Doctor of Philosophy and other degrees.

The scope of online courses for nursing informatics is wide. The subjects described here may not necessarily be in the program you enroll in. Changes are always taking in the industry, so curriculums are always being updated.