Online Courses for OTS

Online courses for OTS (occupational therapists) generally have the same goal: to assist disabled, elderly and injured people by way of rehabilitation. They are also taught how to adapt to cognitive and physical handicaps.


There are four areas which OTS can specialize in: physical rehabilitation, mental health, geriatrics and pediatrics. These have American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) certifications. There are also certifications for OTS who want to help those with vision impairment, eating problems and mobility issues. There are also online programs for those who want to learn how to set up environments for the handicapped.

Specializing in Geriatrics

Those who want to concentrate on helping the elderly should take a course in gerontology. Similar courses will explain how OTS can recommend home settings to make it more suitable for the elderly. These online programs will teach them how to include safety aids in railings, bathrooms and other critical areas. Occupational therapists will also learn how to use medical equipment at home or in a hospital.

Pediatric Specialization

In this course, students are trained how to aid children who are suffering from an injury. The injury can be as complicated as brain injury or just a broken bone. Their primary goal is to aid children physically, emotionally and mentally. Therapists of this sort will have to work with health care providers, caregivers and family members of the patient. Part of their task will be skills and strength development.

Online programs often touch on psychology so they can better interact with the patient. Aside from psychology, a course in child development will be very helpful.

Focus on Mental Health Issues

In this field, the occupational therapist focuses on money management, stress management and teaching clients how to socialize. Strategies for coping with depression, substance abuse and various mental health disorders are also are also taught in these courses. Courses in psychology and psychosocial occupational therapy are the focal points.

Physical Rehab Therapists

These OTS help physically injured people recover and readjust in the workplace. Participants are instructed on how to use assistive devices and specially designed equipment. Their courses will include topics on physical rehabilitation, disabilities and kinesiology among others.

Online courses for OTS may have differences, but there are also similarities. They will teach enrollees how to focus on specific problems and develop an action plan. Participants will also be trained how to set up achievable goals for their clients.