Continuing Education Online Courses for Occupational Therapy

Continuing education online courses for occupational therapy ensures OTR (occupational therapist registered) remain updated on the current trends and issues. They are also necessary to meet licensing requirements.

CE Coursework Contents

Various topics are covered in these courses. Among them are the latest methods used to improve mental and physical functions. These courses also focus on how to assist patients when it comes to mental, developmental and physical issues.

There are also programs which center on the activities that fortify motor skills and reasoning abilities. Features are categorized by practice area. Among them are youth, mental health, children and aging.

Some courses can be conducted entirely on the Internet. But others will require some on-campus work too. Other features in CE classes are conferences, audio and video. Among the topics covered are upper anatomy extremity, strategies for promoting OTS, program management and what OTRs should do and not do. Genetics are also studied in these courses.


Most of these courses also have prep courses for those who are about to take the national exam. The licensing requirements differ state from state. Regardless of the requirements, all of them require continuing education to maintain and renew their license.

There are traditional classes available, but the vast resources of the Internet makes studying easier. The scheduling also differs. But most of the time they are less strenuous compared to traditional sites.

Additional Course Options

Most websites offer dozens of courses. You can take up wound management, pediatrics or various therapeutic modalities. Other courses focus on rehab of different body parts. Most of these courses will require a specific number of hours for CE and general education.

These sites will also focus on injury rehab protocols. There are a lot of other topics which can be taken up in these sites.

Other Information

State rules concerning these CE courses differ, so there are no standards when it comes to course duration or the time it takes to complete the course. The prices of these packages vary too. US states also have different rules when it comes to transferring CE courses to other states. Note that some of the courses focus on other related topics. These sites also have lists of CE course organizations.

Continuing education online courses for occupational therapy have different features. You need to make sure that it conforms to your needs. Always check the state rules before signing up. Of course you should check its accreditation.