Online Courses for Physical Therapy Assistance

Online courses for physical therapy assistance may seem very different from their brick and mortar counterparts. But their goals are the same: to make students qualified PTAs.


These programs teach students how to conduct exercises for patients and give them treatment. There are several degrees being offered. One of the most common that is being taken up is the two-year associate degree. In terms of subjects, they will vary. But you can expect to study biomechanics, physiology, rehab techniques and anatomy. You will also gain knowledge of the ailments that afflict specific parts of the body.

You will also gain knowledge about therapeutic treatments, body systems and medical terminology. These courses as well as others can
be researched on the web.

Students also gain knowledge about working with a physical assistant. Course schedules differ. Many can be accessed 24/7, but others follow regular school schedules. Most of these programs require you to take their courses in order. Clinical and online assignments are usually divided evenly. This isn’t always the case though.

Most of these programs can be finished in two years. It will take more time if you study on a part time basis. This does not take into account the hours you spend on prerequisite courses. If prerequisite courses are finished, it will take you another year.

Clinical Training

These online programs allow you to complete most of the coursework subjects on the web. Assignments are submitted via their online platform. But you also have to perform clinical work. However, most of these programs will arrange the internship at locations nearby. A certification of completion will be given after you graduate.

Other Information

Make sure that the class has full accreditation. Also keep it mind that some programs are hybrid. This doesn’t refer to the clinical training part. Hybrid classes will require you to finish some lessons in a live class. These live classes may take place once a week or less frequently.

Some of these classes begin during spring or fall. Graduates can apply for work in health care facilities, medical institutions and hospitals. Salaries can go as high as $46,000. Some PTAs can make as much as $63,000. It all depends on your work.

In the past, you could only be a PTA by going to a traditional school. But that is no longer the case. With online courses for physical therapy assistance, you will be better prepared. Just make sure that the classes are accredited.