Online Courses for Physics 1

Physics 1 studies kinematics and dynamics in their various aspects and applications; explaining motions and causes of motion in great detail.

This course is often a prerequisite course for advanced level of Physics courses which are required courses if you are taking up a degree with a concentration on Science or engineering.

It is therefore important that you pass this course in order to be eligible to take your other required Physics courses.

You can get help with your Physics lessons through supplemental online courses for Physics 1. You can also take your Physics 1 course through the internet if you feel that this is a more learning-conducive venue for you for this particular course.

Online Courses for Physics 1

College Physics 1 is a course offered online by different universities worldwide. In the United States, several of the country’s top universities and community colleges provide online courses for Physics 1.

Herkimer County Community College, through its Herkimer Internet Academy, offers College Physics 1 online.

This is a four-credit course that provides students with lessons on the following Physics 1 topics: Properties of Matter, Kinematics and Dynamics, Gravitation, Statics and Conservation of Energy and Momentum.

Harmonic motion, waves, sound and collisions are likewise discussed in this Physics 1 online course.

Other Physics courses require that students know at least the basics of Calculus but with this particular Physics 1 course, you only need to know basic Algebra.

Application and Enrollment Procedure

On the Herkimer Internet Academy page, you will find a link that will take you to the enrollment and registration page. On this page, you will be guided accordingly as to how to go about with the application process.

You have to follow each step carefully because there are specifications for applying for courses that are worth twelve credit hours and up as well as specifics for registering for courses for a college degree from the community college.

There are likewise different steps for applying for individual courses.

Prior to Application

Before you apply for Herkimer Internet Academy’s online course for Physics 1, you should read the Open Letter posted on the site. This was written by the school’s Associate Dean of Continuing Education for future online students.

This letter briefly discusses the traits that an online student should have in order to successfully complete their online courses from this online school. You should know that the college’s online courses are not self-paced.

They follow a strict schedule especially when it comes to submitting assignments and course requirements.

Therefore, online students must have excellent time management skills plus the discipline to follow schedules and meet deadlines in order to successfully complete their online courses for Physics 1 as well as other online courses – especially those for credit.