Online Courses for Police Officers

Taking online courses for police officers ensure that law enforcement officers get the educational background required in their job. Because their work is demanding, Internet based studies are preferred. They can be accessed with a web connection.

Overview of Coursework

The subjects in these classes vary. But the goal is to improve their understanding of drug addiction, social dynamics and behaviors, race and diversity. They will also study constitutional laws and family relationships. Accredited criminology schools teach their students about the nature of crime, its causes and how they can be prevented.

Students can concentrate on different areas. Choices include forensic behavioral science, corrections, victimology and law enforcement. Several degrees and programs are available such as a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminology. Participants can also earn certificates in mediation, peace building and dealing with hostage situations.

You have the option of studying basic police academics, advanced topics or continuing education. The latter consists of the latest in crime fighting methods. They are taken by police officers so their skills are not outdated. Other topics that you can learn about are crime statistics, juvenile delinquency and some aspects of criminal law. Most of these courses take four years to complete.

Additional Subjects

Students of law undergraduate courses also have to learn about the criminal legal process, policing methods and research methods used in criminal justice. One of the most common topics used is administration of justice. At the graduate level, students can earn a Master of Science in Criminology. Among the subjects you can study are qualitative and quantitative research and sex crime investigation.

Other areas of study are criminal justice personnel administration, methodology and analysis. These universities offer police officer requalification courses and probation studies too. Additional subjects are about internal affairs investigation, interrogation techniques, juvenile corrections and laws of arrest.

Other Information

Advanced course topics are going to vary by school. These are for those who are currently in service. Among the topics you can study are explosives identification, sexual assault investigation and tactical communication. More extensive courses are criminology and public policy, global criminology and various areas of law and justice.

Online courses for police officers give them an edge over those who have no formal education. The degrees available will give cops the skills and knowledge needed in their career. Graduates of criminal justice programs can earn $57,290 in states like California. You can make more by gaining experience.