Online Courses for Biology Degree

Online courses for biology degree are among the most popular science programs today. If you are interested in enrolling in one, there are several things you have to consider.

General Considerations

The school has to have national or regional accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education. You should also investigate the school’s status and history. Get to know its credentials. You also have to take into account the admission requirements. What are the residency requirements? Does it require the student to be based in a specific state?


What exactly is the course offering? You should assess the testing methods they are using. The best courses usually have audio, video and downloadable materials. Many of these Internet classes also have forums where students can interact with teachers and other students. Due to the nature of the subject, it is imperative the site uses the latest technology and remain updated.

Available Courses

These include development of organisms, genetics, ecology and neurobiology. You can also take up microbiology, which focuses on the study of microorganisms. The course focuses on reproduction, respiration and functions at the cellular level.

Genetics principles are also studied in depth in these classes. Neurobiology on the other hand, is concerned with the study of the brain and nervous system. The subject also discusses various sensory systems.

Program Levels

There are different biology program levels currently available. These include PhD, masters, bachelor’s associates and certificate programs. The time it takes to finish a course varies. It depends on the degree level you are studying. If you are working on a complex subject like environmental toxicology, it may take a while.

But if you go at a regular pace, certificate programs will last 6 months up to a year. An associate‚Äôs degree takes 2 years. A bachelor’s degree takes four years and master’s degree 2 years. A PhD takes 2 to 5 years.


There are plenty to choose from like zoology, medical science, integrative biology, genetic modification and engineering and ecology.

Those who study the subject can also opt for cellular biology, botany or biochemistry. Graduates can find work as a biologist in a variety of positions.

After finishing online courses for biology degree, graduates can work as an environmental scientist, forest and conservation scientist/technician or soil and plant specialist. They can also become a medical scientist, wildlife biologist, zoologist, microbiologist, biophysicist or biochemist. Many other fields will be opened if they study specific fields.