Online Courses for Quantity Surveyor

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US Navy Surveyor at work with a leveling instrument. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Online courses for quantity surveyor teach students how to manage expenses regarding construction projects, building complexes and civil engineering. Graduates are taught how to make initial calculations up to getting the final figures.

Coursework Overview

Courses begin with an explanation of the construction industry principles. Students also learn how different elements affect a project. These include plumbing, electrical, cooling and heating systems. They also discover how a structural framework affects price.

There are also courses for getting quantities in blueprints. These programs also explain how compensation for material swelling / shrinking and determine the time it takes to finish the job. These programs detail how hiring employees affects price. Other topics consist of estimating roadwork, paving, underground utilities and earthwork construction.

There are also topics estimating the costs of concrete, residential buildings, commercial and industrial structures. Students also have to learn how to estimate plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. These students have to study the expenses in interior construction.


Students do not need to take all these courses. In some cases you only have to cover a couple of sections. However, there are other programs wherein you have to take a specific number of courses. The most common topics are trims and finishes estimation, masonry costs and carpentry construction expenses.

Students also learn how to prepare a budget. Courses also deal with insurance and bond issues. Internet courses include a study of the bidding process. This is something that all students have to study.

After completing these classes, you will get a certificate. This is proof that you know how to read construction engineering drawings. They also get insights on how to follow cost estimates.


The purpose of these quantity surveyor schools is to teach students about value for money. They develop the skills necessary to prepare cost effective projects within the industry standards. Internet courses are designed for graduate and undergraduate degree levels.

Other Information

These programs are not just for construction estimators. They are also ideal for those who are going to work in real estate development. Apart from the classes above, other studies are required. These include advanced construction documents,

fundamentals of construction documents and construction estimation. Some programs take a couple of years to complete. If taking a certificate program, expect some classes to be mandatory.

Online courses for quantity surveyor are also called construction estimate cost program. The title quantity surveyor is often used in the UK.