Online Courses for QuickBooks 2010

Online courses for QuickBooks 2010 teach you how to use the software efficiently. Help files are provided with the application, but there is nothing like getting formal training to get the most out of the program.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with QuickBooks 2010 training is one of your options. There are also standalone websites. Courses include setting up the company, preparing for use, recording customer, supplier and bank transactions.

Other subjects focus on its other aspects: the reporting structure, reporting on your accounts, VAT, setting up and using a payroll. Core subjects include year end procedure, paying employees, calculating and paying payroll liabilities.

You will also learn how to use graphs, exporting reports to Excel, filtering and customizing reports and using VAT. The latter includes data maintenance, memorized transactions, reminders, tracking and paying VAT.

Subjects in Detail

Students will also learn how to set up a chart of accounts, opening balances, setting up and entering company information. Students also get trained to set up records, configure classes and items, enter and pay bills. Most training classes will explain how to deposit / receive payments, perform bank reconciliation / transfers and record cash payments.

Other subjects are about budget / management reporting and making standard reports. More payroll related topics are about employee details, payroll items, setting up company details, registering and using payroll.


An official certification proves a student has sufficient skills to use the software productively. A certification is handy for those who want to land a job using the software. Employers are more likely to hire this employee because their skills are proven.

Study Options

Online training is the most convenient method. You do not need to leave home. Lessons are available anywhere there is Internet access. You have access to screenshots to help with your studies. But there are other options such as seminars, instructor-led training, in person set-up assistance programs or even by phone. Some classes are a combination of these.

Some online training classes give you a supplemental CD. Others require books. Most of the time though, all the information is online. It used to be that these certification programs were available in live classes. But they can be now earned online. Free training tutorials are available, but they rarely have certifications.

Online courses for QuickBooks 2010 assume you have knowledge of basic computing. You must have the 2010 edition of the software. Previous versions do not have the same features.