Online Courses for Real Estate Agents

Online courses for real estate agents have improved and can train anyone to be an expert in this field. Aside from providing a lot of information, a lot of thee courses are free.

Overview of Course Features

Many online sites use OpenCourseWare programs which are ideal for those who like self study. The only requirements are a computer and Internet access. With free classes, you can simply dive into the site and start going over the lessons.

If the course is at a pay site, you have to register first and go over the payment options. If there are on-site activities, you have to check the schedule and how far the site is. If you must choose a hybrid course, select one that is not too far from your home.


Different subjects can be learned in free courses on the subject, but it is unlikely they will offer a certification of completion. This shouldn’t bother those who just want to know some tips for real estate agents as well as other basic concepts. But if you are looking for credits or grade, look for sites that have those.

Coursework Content

The majority of these courses contain tips, concepts and various subjects connected with the tasks of property agents. Some of them will have videos or even live video conferencing with expert trainers.

Most of the time however it is just you. A few web classes offer interaction with other students. If you do need help with some topics, there are discussion forums on the Internet that can help.

A lot of these materials can be viewed directly online. Others are available in formats like zip, xls, pdf etc. You will need to download programs or viewers to use those files.

Other Information

Different subjects are covered in these sites, but some are virtually staples. These include portfolio theory, real estate economics and marketing principles. Facts about property purchases are also studied.

Economic factors that affect the value of properties are also among the topics which would-be agents have to study online. Free and pay sites also discuss the ways laws and government rules affect buying and selling in the market.

Online courses for real estate agents are available in other forms. Aside from those mentioned earlier, you can also download lectures and notes. Some courses also offer examinations to determine how well you learned the lessons. They also provide resources in other websites.