Online Courses for Real Estate License in California

Online courses for real estate license in California are increasing as demand for real estate agents are on the upswing. Fortunately for busy people, there are Internet classes you can take to get the required education.

Primary Considerations

Legitimate online programs have the approval of the California Department of Real Estate. Make sure that the course has the appropriate credentials. You should also check its success rate. How many people have graduated there?

Coursework Content

These websites cover basic and advanced concepts regarding real estate practice. The financial aspects and principles are studied in detail. These Internet courses also focus on laws and regulations that are applicable in California. The biggest advantage of web courses is you control the pace of study. The study materials will be available online. Before you begin, the curriculum is going to be explained.

After completing an activity, there will be a test or quiz to assess your knowledge. Most of the time, you can take the exams repeatedly. These tests cover many subjects, including property management, real estate brokers, investing and so on.

These sites offer a final examination after you have studied all the materials. A certificate will be given to those who pass the examination. This will qualify you to take the California state licensing exam.

These sites allow you to practice the course at the time you prefer. Many participants can finish the course in 2 weeks or so. However, it also depends on how much time you put in. If time is of the essence, check the course length. If you are a beginner, look for those that have a glossary and introduction to the subject.


This will vary depending on the site. Compare them before proceeding. Check the payment options too. Online payment schemes vary. Some sites may accept PayPal, but most rely on credit cards, money order or check.

Other Information

Other topics which you can study are real estate appraisal and economics related to real estate in the state. Some websites also have supplementary material consisting of books or CDs. Many courses consist of practice questions which will help you with the final exam. Some of these websites offer self study packages, while others require in-person work.

Online courses for real estate license in California allow you to get the education necessary for getting a license. Once you have the license, you will become a full-fledged real estate agent.