Online Courses for Real Estate

Online courses for real estate are available from a variety of sources. There are also different programs. Some are for licensing, continuing education and post-licensed studies.


These classes are either entirely on the web or hybrid. You will find that these sites are divided into various sections. The divisions are usually for licensed agents and brokers, post-licensed programs and exam preparations.


Courses may vary depending on the state / country. But there are subjects that are almost always included in the curriculum. They are anti-trust and lead paint, estate agent ethics, working with seniors and working with diversity to assist the consumer.

Continuing education courses include issues about risk management, residential finance and property management. Fair housing, the law of the land, short sales, foreclosures and environmental issues are also part of online classes.

If you enroll in these courses you will understand how real estate appraisal is done. Principles of real estate are taught in the early stages. An integral part of these programs is the exam preparation. There are help files and guides especially for brokers.
Continuing education programs are very common. They are for professionals who need them for license renewal.

Some of these programs are hybrid. You need to attend a live class or seminar. This is apart from your online studies. If you are going to enroll in a hybrid class, be certain that the live site is somewhere near you. Real estate law is something studied in all programs. This subject will vary as laws can differ not just by country, but also by state.

More Subjects

Other topics that you will study are selling properties, marketing strategies and using the Internet for handling properties. Instructors guide students who enroll in accredited sites. Aside for preparatory guides, enrollees will learn how to apply for a job or set up their own business. Many of these courses are self-paced. But others have deadlines.

Online classes offer several ways to communicate with students. Email and discussion forums are used frequently. Some instructors interact via cell phones. Communication is not limited to student and teachers. Forums can also be used so participants can interact.

Other Information

Some of these websites are availing of multimedia. Videos are used for delivering lectures and notes. Websites may also use slideshows or presentation slides.

Online courses for real estate are state specific. Choose a program designed for where you will be working.