Online Courses for Spanish High School

Online courses for Spanish high school are no longer as scarce as they used to be. These language programs used to be available in live classes, books and CDs only. But you can now access these lessons online.


These Internet courses allow Spanish students to study at their own pace. Most of these lessons are self paced. There is no need to get up early or stay up late to finish a lesson. However, there are a few sites that are more rigidly structured. That is, classes and assignments are given out on specific dates during the week.

Degrees and Coursework

Online programs offer certifications of completion for graduates. But there are also associate’s degree Spanish programs today. Associate programs are usually more intensive than basic certification programs.

An associate degree focuses on basic Spanish, vocabulary, popular expressions and sayings. Students are trained to comprehend grammatical structures and memorize plenty of vocabulary. High school students will learn some of the most common sayings used in the language.

At the beginner and intermediate level, students will read several articles in Spanish. These articles cover subjects like Spanish culture, history, tourist spots and other facts about Spain and Spanish speaking countries. Two year degrees often offer translation courses.

Different online platforms are used, although Blackboard is very popular. Homework and assignments are submitted through the web. Audio and video are used in a lot of these sites. They make the language easier to learn. Audio plug ins are very useful especially for those who have trouble reading pronunciation guides.

Other Information

Some courses focus on just the language. Others are more specific. For instance, there are courses that center on Spanish business terms. These are intended for businessmen who need to conduct transactions in the country or with Spanish speaking people. But high school students can also take them.


Language courses for high school usually have very light requirements. Generally speaking, high school students can take any type of Spanish language program on the web. However, you need to check the requirements. Some of them will require a high school diploma or a Bachelor of Science degree. Many universities offer
Spanish language programs for students. Their requirements differ though; some schools also ask applicants to take up other courses.

Online courses for Spanish high school do not deprive students of an instructor. Through email, chat and other messaging systems, students can interact with teachers and other students.