Online Spanish Courses for College Credit

Accredited online Spanish courses for college credit are recognized by universities across the country. These are just like traditional foreign language courses. The only difference is you can study at home.


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These programs cover several topics. They are usually divided into vocabulary, grammar, well known expressions and other more advanced topics. Subjects are not limited to translating Spanish into English and vice versa. There are also programs wherein you are trained to read, write and listen to Spanish words. These classes also offer supplementary study materials. At the most basic levels, you will learn common phrases used in the language.

Elementary Spanish language classes explain the use of regular and irregular past tenses. They will also understand facts about the morphology of the language. The more advanced courses focus on improving oral skills and cultural awareness.

This means reading entire articles in the Spanish language. To maximize potential, students should study every day for at least a couple of hours. Most of these courses offer written exercises as well.

Intermediate and Advanced Courses

If you have basic knowledge of the language, you can take up Spanish classes at the intermediate level. At this stage you will learn about the cultural heritage of Spanish speaking countries. Advanced writing skills are also taught at this level. A few of these sites require you to attend live classes. Lab exercises may be done at campus.

Methods of Teaching

Reading materials make up most of the materials. These are supplemented by voicemail, compact discs and video (recorded and live). The latter is used extensively for pronouncing words and sentences. Instructors communicate with students by way of bulletin boards, forums and email. Voicemail is also used in some classes as well as webcasts.


These courses divide their modules into chapters. Exams are given at the end of the course. Sometimes there is a quiz or review at the end of each chapter. You can use them to determine your own progress. The length of these classes differs.

Basic courses take only a few hours to finish. Full length classes take several months. Some of the classes are very specific. They focus on Spanish business terms, words used for traveling, survival phrases etc. You can choose which one to enroll in.

Online Spanish courses for college credit can be taken for personal satisfaction. You can also take them for business reasons or for those who want to travel to Spanish speaking countries.