Online Courses for Surgical Tech

Online courses for surgical tech are no longer novelties. In fact a great many students now prefer to study on the Internet. As more and more people are learning on the web, the more online programs for technicians emerge.


The role of a surgical technician or technologist is to assist doctors during surgery. You can learn about this in an online program. Other tasks of a surgical technologist include getting operating rooms ready and sterilizing surgical instruments. Students will understand how these are done.

Coursework and Contents

Before you can become a surgical tech, prerequisite courses have to be completed. These are provided online. Some web programs offer a Bachelor of Science in health services management. This can be your stepping stone to being a surgical technologist. These programs can be studied full time or part time.

These courses open the door for various career possibilities. Aside from becoming a surgical tech, graduates can apply for mid-level managerial positions. They are also qualified to work in different health agencies.

There are several required courses. These include medical law and ethics, health care management and medical terminology. Physiology and anatomy are also taught. Job assistance is also provided in some programs. A certificate of completion is given to graduates. Students also learn how to assist in different surgeries.

Emphasis for patient communications and records qualifies graduates for administrative work. Other subjects usually taken up are laboratory procedures and medical terminology. Other subjects may be taught depending on the school.

Course Duration

The time it takes to finish a course depends on the type you choose. An Associate of Applied Science in health information technology may take less than two years. Graduates of this course are qualified for entry level technologist positions. For mid and high level positions, longer courses are necessary. Students have to finish general education subjects such as business communications, physiology and anatomy.

Other Information

Online classes also have to study disease processes, pathology, billing and coding. Other subjects that may be taken up are medical issues. Online programs may also be required to study diagnostic codes. Some online programs call their surgical program Associate of Science in medical assisting or something similar. Credit requirements depend on the degree. Expect around 60 credit hours if you take a lot of subjects.

The demand for online courses for surgical tech is only going to go up. Technological advancements make the subject more accessible.