Online Courses for Teachers K-12

K-12 teachers play a very important role in the lives of their students as they become influential figures that children look up to and emulate — oftentimes bringing with them the values that their teachers instilled in them well into adulthood.

This is why teaching is more than just a profession to these dedicated educators – it’s a higher calling – to hone and help kids become the best that they can be. This is even more true for K-12 teachers because students under their wing are of the impressionable age.

Moreover, K-12 teachers need a special kind of training in order to, not only reach out to their students and teach effectively, but more importantly; to manage the classroom and make it an environment truly conducive to learning.

Online Courses for Teachers K-12

If you would like to pursue a career in teaching, particularly teaching kids between Kindergarten and the 12th Grade, there are online courses for teachers K-12 that you may want to look into.

These online courses are ideal for teaching assistants who would like to become full-time teachers as well as teachers who wish to expand their knowledge and expertise in their field.

You should know that not all courses offered in regular campuses are offered online however, there are supplemental courses for credit that you can take in order to help you complete your course and get a teaching certificate or license.

One of the major tasks of a teacher is developing a curriculum for the school year. All essential topics need to be covered plus presented in a way that everything will work together well, smoothly transitioning from one topic to the next without confusing the kids.

A course on Integrating K-12 Curriculum can help you learn more about planning an effective curriculum for your students.

Since curricula change every year, this course will provide you with essential tips and strategies in developing your yearly curriculum, ready for your incoming students.

Certificate of Graduate Studies

If you are currently holding a K-12 teaching certificate, furthering your studies can help you get updated about specific subjects that you teach, i.e. Mathematics; as well as formulate lesson plans integrating modern technology into teaching and learning methods.

There is a Certificate of Graduate Study that you can check on the internet and the course can likewise be taken completely online. For this type of course, a K-12 teaching certificate is a pre-requisite.

Apart from online courses, there are likewise teaching tips and techniques that you can find on the internet and these can further provide you with help and information on improving your skills as well as creating an environment conducive to learning for your students.