Online Courses for Teachers Technology

Taking online courses for teachers technology has become almost imperative. The Internet and personal computing is now part and parcel of education. Students are so well versed in using the web that educators have to be updated too.

Coursework Overview

Colleges for teacher education usually have courses that teach the basics of computing use. Subjects include personal computing technology, applications, basics of keyboarding, and legal and ethical issues related to its use. The latter includes topics about copyright. Teachers can also study more specific subjects.

Among the most popular are information technology service management, using Windows, information technology project management and using the Internet for classroom research. Teachers can also study how to use slideshows, videos and other tools to enhance their studies.

Study Options

Universities with educational programs for teachers can also take up more advanced topics. These include database programming, using Microsoft Office, photo editing and creating web pages. Introductory courses for multimedia are available.

Teachers can use this to add another element to teaching. Taking a course in Excel also helps. You can use the program for grading student assignments. There are also courses for word processing, information processing and Internet safety.

Format and Features

It will depend on what type of computing course you are taking. Courses on Excel, Word and other programs consist of chapters or modules. They start with an overview of a program. Screenshots, videos and graphics are used. The same is true with other programs.


You need to have the appropriate programs installed. All of these computer courses assume you have them installed on your system. To play videos and animation, you must have a fast Internet connection.

Other Information

Teachers who want to take up a degree in computing can do so. If they want career change, they can study subjects like data warehousing, advanced research topics in computer forensics, network security and quality management in information technology. Other courses are available; these include database administration, managing information technology projects, network security and enterprise application development.

You can also take up advanced internetwork routing & switching, software development for mobile computers, program methodologies and requirements discovery and modeling. These are not necessary for teaching in classrooms; these are for teachers who want another career.

Online courses for teachers technology are also available for free. These are not formal education sites; you will not find degrees or certifications there. But they can be accessed anytime.