Online Courses for Teaching Credentials

Online courses for teaching credentials are offered by numerous colleges and universities. Many people still take certification programs in live classes. But the web has made it possible to study some of the subjects at home.

Coursework Overview

Teacher certification programs offer courses for multiple and single subject credentials. The subjects depend on what they are going to teach. In multiple subjects, literacy methodology, teaching of reading, and advanced supervised teaching are included.

Core subjects consist of teaching strategies and theories and methods of education for linguistically diverse students. They also learn about diversity, interaction, and the learning process.

The time it takes to complete this program varies. Most of these sites are hybrid; some subjects are studied online, but you have to attend live classes too. The purpose of these schools is to get you ready for teaching in the state’s urban public school system. These vary by state, which is why making the proper choice is essential.

Those studying for a degree can focus on being math or reading specialists. Other programs allow you to concentrate on instruction and curriculum. Some classes let you focus on urban education.

Degrees and Credentials

There are educator credential universities that only have a credential. But other schools have a master’s degree to go along with it. Full time programs have a Master of Arts in Education. You have the option of studying for a master’s and credential or just a credential.


In most cases you must have a certificate of clearance or equivalent fingerprint clearance. A GPA of 3.0 or better in pre-student teaching courses is required too. The minimum grade mandated is B.

If you are applying for advanced supervised teaching, subject matter competence verification from the state is needed. In some classes, passing test scores on the US Constitution is needed. Knowledge of computers is also a must. There may be other prerequisites depending on the state.

Other Information

Candidates learn how to teach students who are slow learners. Other topics covered are equity for all students and social justice. Other points in these programs are developing a sense of community and camaraderie with peers. Online courses allow you to study part or full time. Studying full time means you can finish the program quicker.

Online courses for teaching credentials have different features. Each state has distinct rules and features. Before you apply, go through their features thoroughly. You can choose from a variety of universities and private institutions.