Online Courses for Teachers Ireland

Online courses for teachers Ireland provide educators with the opportunity to expand their knowledge. Other courses are for professional educators who want to continue their education.


Most of these courses cover basic subjects. These include Irish history, teaching in Ireland, managing classrooms and dealing with students. Other subjects deal with language learning, mathematics and English teaching methodologies.

Most of these courses are divided into modules such as numeracy and literacy, general education, special education, curricular and so on. Special education courses focus on autism and teaching children with special needs. Additional courses include teaching foreign languages, the visual arts and sciences. It is possible for aspiring teachers to take numerous courses in several disciplines. It is also permitted to study various subjects.


Most online courses last as long as their brick and mortar counterparts. The difference is you can take the course from the comfort of your own home. Projects are assigned and evaluated on the web. Continuing education programs are available. These are necessary because the state of Irish education is always changing.

These courses cover several topics that will keep you updated on the latest issues and facts. Some of these programs use videos. Recorded videos are often used to explain various concepts. Live videos are also available. These files however, have to be viewed on time or streamed. Some of these courses have live components. You have to check their features and rules first.


If you are aspiring to be a teacher, make sure that the site is accredited. You also have to present evidence of your work experience. An Internet connection is necessary. Tuition fees vary. Make sure that you choose one that fits your needs.

Other Information

There are also programs which provide e-learning instruction. This is for teachers who want to learn how to use the Internet for teaching. Graduate certificate programs can be obtained on the web too.

Courses on e-learning focus on using search engines, email, keeping the web safe for students and developing an online curriculum. There are many other subjects that may be studied. This usually includes learning how to communicate with students effectively.

Online courses for teachers Ireland have several features similar to those in other Internet programs. But the difference is they are designed for educators in Ireland. These classes are also open for those who are not Irish natives but wish to teach in the country.