Online Courses for Translators and Interpreters

Online courses for translators and interpreters can pave the way for your entry into this lucrative field. The need for interpreters and translators is growing thanks to increased travel. The Internet makes these studies easier.


Translators and interpreters are very much in demand in China, South Korea and other countries. In the US, there is a growing need for people who can translate Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. You can also find work as a commercial interpreter. These people can also find jobs in the legal and medical industry.

Coursework Overview

These courses will train students to be bilingual. Some study classes will train you to be a health care interpreter. In this case you will learn how to translate medical terms and communicate with patients. Coursework projects are assigned and submitted online. The contents of these classes depend on who they are intended for.

Some programs are for new students. They will teach you how to speak specific languages and then interpret them. But others are for those who are already fluent in a foreign language. For instance, study programs for English and Spanish are very common.

You have several options available. Medical interpretation trains you to interpret for nurses, doctors and other medical personnel. Business interpreters are going to find out how to translate business terms and so on. There are also programs for legal interpreters.

The core subjects will concentrate on terms used by lawyers. The most popular interpretations are for Spanish to English, German to English, French to English, English to Spanish, English to Portuguese and English to French. All programs provide exams before you can advance.

These programs are supervised by instructors. Forums and discussion boards you can use to chat with fellow students. You can use these forums for practicing their interpretation skills.

Other Information

These programs have different price tags. Some interpretation programs cost over $1500. There are some which cost $400 per credit. But discounts are also available. These programs can be taken up in their entirety on the web. However, there are courses where you have to attend a seminar.

You need to check the facts first so you know what to expect. In hybrid programs, you usually have to go to a weekend class. These classes usually have live lectures.

Online courses for translators and interpreters will give you a certificate of completion after graduating. Certification is not offered in free programs though.