Online Courses for Travel Agent

Online courses for travel agent are nationally accredited and recognized. Because these sites offer detailed classes, more and more people are taking them up.


These programs explain how to start a career in travel. Most of these sites have flexible schedules. This gives you the opportunity to
study in your own time.

Coursework Overview

Classes teach aspiring real estate agents how to use computer reservation systems in travel agencies and airlines. By the time of graduation, students will become familiar with the operation of hotels and cruise lines. Would-be travel agents have the option of studying to be a home-based agent. You will understand facts about reservations, pricing and the ins and outs of international and domestic travel.

Participants discover facts about tours, cruises, hotels and resorts. Specific courses are available for those who want to learn about the airline industry. Participants will also understand the different kinds of travelers. This knowledge allows travelers to match them with the proper products. Graduates will learn how to match them with the appropriate tours.

Additional subjects explain how hotels are priced. These programs go through the similarities and differences between a resort and a hotel. Advanced courses explain how records can be canceled or changed. Marketing strategies are covered as well. Other specialty courses are available in these sites. It all depends which state you are going to work in.


These programs are made up of several modules. The major parts consist of a development program. This covers the fundamentals of the travel industry. The other major object involves computer reservation system training.

Courses will include an overview of the ground transportation system. This includes an explanation of buses, ships and railway systems. There is extensive coverage of cruises. These classes go through subjects like brochures, understanding cruise values and matching ships and clients.

Other Information

Some of these classes last for a year, but most take about six months. Subjects cover numerous tours including independent and escorted tours. They will also learn what documentation is required for international travel. The means for obtaining them are also explained.

Those who enroll will be trained in determining international and domestic airfare. These programs also explain the procedures and formats utilized in airlines. You will learn about price tickets and passenger records.

Online courses for travel agent can help you prepare for a certification program. You just need to make sure that the site has accreditation.