Online Courses for Travel Agents

Online courses for travel agents give people the chance to be competent in the field. Many of these Internet websites are recognized in the industry, so you can look forward to a successful career.


These websites supply the tools and lessons needed to excel in this competitive industry. The quality of information is good enough to match those in traditional schools. Many of these sites offer free consultancy courses. Many travel agents’ associations also have free courses for those who become members.


Specialized courses are available, including country-specific travel, mature-adult travel and family travel. These programs explain the skills required in these jobs. Participants will learn how to engage hotels, lodging houses and make reservations in cruise lines. They will also be taught how to work in a travel agency.

Some courses will explain how to work as a home based travel agent. Home-based agency work has become an attractive option for many and the subject is now featured in many courses.

Most of these sites allow you to study at your own pace. These sites will also focus on the marketing aspects required in the job. Participants will also get instructions on how to use the appropriate software.

Other Education Services

Aside from the subjects mentioned above, these Internet education programs also give advice for career development. Of course these web based courses also explain how to work with airline reservation systems.

Would-be travel agents are taught about booking flights, making reservations in ships and how to communicate with these people effectively.

Course Duration and Degrees

The course length varies, but the detailed ones will last about 200 hours. Some agencies offer hundreds of courses and dozens of diploma programs.

No specific education requirements are needed for this job. But there are concentrations which can be of help. You can take an Associate of Arts with emphasis on tourism, travel and hospitality. Among the coursework are lodging and resort operation, proposal writing and program design.

Other Information

Look for courses that offer instructions on travel geography and the latest in travel industry trends. There are many competing sites, so you don’t have to stick to just one site. To receive an online certification, you will need at least a high school diploma or GED.

Be certain the online courses for travel agents you sign up with is accredited. If it is recognized by the travel industry, you will have no problems with credentials.