Online Courses for UCLA

UCLA Extension is your online source for all online courses for UCLA. This online extension of the university enables individuals who wish to get a UCLA type of education but are not afforded the luxury of time to attend on-campus classes.

This is actually ideal for working students or stay-at-home parents looking after young kids.

There are several online courses for UCLA that the extension program offers and these may be geared towards college courses for credit or towards professional development. Whatever you choose to get, you are assured of the same quality of education that UCLA provides all its students.

Online Courses for UCLA: Creative Writing

Creative Writing is part of the extension program that provides UCLA online courses. The course is ideal for those looking to develop their skills in creative writing as well as those who wish to enhance their existing writing skills.

To date, there are over 100 courses on Creative Writing that UCLA Extension offers as part of the Writers’ Program and each one of these may be taken online and any time. This means that you can enroll any time of the year.

All levels of writers, from beginners to advanced writers are welcome to enroll in the classes.
The instructors check the progress of students every forty-eight hours to help with discussions and lessons.

The “invisibility” afforded to online students give them the confidence to join in discussions, ask questions and submit their works.

This is ideal for writers who may be a bit shy about their works and who are apprehensive about receiving critiques face to face.

Fields of Study

Online courses for UCLA via the extension program covers many other fields of study, ensuring that students who wish to learn about practically anything under the sun are provided with the right courses suitable to their preferences.

Fields of Study include the following: Architecture and Interior Design; Art, Design and Photography; Business and Finance; Communications, Media and Fundraising as well as Healthcare and Counseling, and Humanities and Social Science.

If you wish to learn English as a Second Language, there are also appropriate online courses for this subject. If it’s Lifestyle and Recreation you wish to focus on, again, there are corresponding online courses for these.

When you visit the UCLA Extension site, you simply select the Field of Study you wish to learn more about and then select the course category you want to enroll in.

Once you’ve done these two simple steps, you will be given a list of the available courses that correspond to the options you picked out.