Online Courses for Ultrasound Techs

Online courses for ultrasound techs are also known as ultrasound scan or sonogram classes. Do not be confused when you search the web for these degrees. They both offer the same subjects and topics. Live training is still required in most classes. But a majority of the topics can be studied online.

Coursework Overview

Enrollees in ultrasound tech schools explain what ultrasonography is. You learn how diagnostic procedures work. Students discover how high frequency sound waves generate tissue and organ images. Students learn how techs use the technology. Students are trained on how to use computer software needed for the job.

There are also courses for aspiring breast ultrasound technicians. The courses focus on abnormalities that center on the breast. There are also courses for abdomen sonographers. The coursework focuses on abdominal organs and blood vessels. You will also learn how to use equipment for scanning body parts. This is necessary for spotting abnormalities. Students get trained for spotting tumors and organ scanning.


Three degrees are available for students. A Bachelor of Science degree takes four years to complete. An Associate of Science degree program takes two years to complete. A certificate program can be done in a year. This is offered to students who have radiology or sonography experience.


Universities for sonographer offer numerous areas of specialties. Aspiring vascular sonographers evaluate blood flow and blood vessels; an ophthalmology ultrasound tech assesses eyes and gynecology sonographers concentrate on the female reproductive system. Those who are studying neurosonology have to study the spinal cord and the brain. There are also courses for echocardiography. The subjects focus on the blood vessels and the heart.


Some knowledge of science will help. Experience in health care will also be necessary. You also have to determine what degree you want to take. Knowledge of physiology and instrumentation help too.

Other Information

There are many ultrasound tech schools around the US. Many offer Internet classes for their students. These schools are the first steps for starting a career in assessing ultrasounds. These study programs explain how these technicians assist doctors. By taking these courses you will learn how ultrasound devices are used to check on infants during pregnancy.

Online courses for ultrasound techs are available from different universities. The most important thing to consider is the accreditation. An accredited site ensures that the class is up to US standards. You also get assurance that the technology they use is proper.